What is 2KCreate All About?

Hi! We're Nicole and Keala, a wife and husband duo pursuing our creative passions and helping fellow creatives in the process. We're all works in progress and we believe that in community, we can help each other live a fuller life. 

With 2KCreate, we offer resources and tips to assist you on your creative journey while also documenting our own journey in our vlog. If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Come and learn with us!

Nicole's Journey

I'm originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, (yeah, seriously and no there isn't a lot of mechanics). Being the youngest of five kids, I found it easiest expressing myself through art. At first, I experimented in replicating cartoons I watched as a kid. Soon I was filling notebooks full of doodles. Throughout grade school, I pursued art and intended to study Studio Art in college. Ultimately, I fell in love with the stories and themes behind important artworks that I decided to major in Art History instead. I still practiced art by creating works for family and friends or just because, but it only remained as a hobby I did on the side. A year after graduating college, I received the opportunity to move to New York City through a high school friend. I gained two part time jobs; one at the Guggenheim Museum where I would meet Keala and the other at Christie's Auction House where I would later transition to full time. Life became  about the grind and trying to fit into the world's expectations of what it means to be successful (big house, nice car, no debt, lots of savings, on and on..). However, I left the corporate world and for the last three years I've been a stay at home mom. Having a baby changes your life drastically in ways you don't understand until you're in it. Needless to say my art took an even further back seat. It wasn't until Keala and I began dreaming about what our lives could be that I realized I wanted to create not as a hobby or side hustle, but as a lifestyle. Through 2KCreate, I aspire to foster a creative community that will grow in new perspectives and ideas from one artistic expression to the next. I can do it and so can you! Let's try together!

Keala's Journey

I was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii (I know, why did I leave?! And no I'm not a surfer). My dad is a musician and my mom is a teacher so creating is in my blood. After graduating high school, I moved to New York City to study musical theater at AMDA and later the New School. While I decided not to pursue musical theater as a career, I gained a part time job at the Guggenheim Museum where I met Nicole. Developing systems to cultivate learning and creativity has always fascinated me. Making connections from multiple things that don't normally go together and configuring them in a way that's highly efficient is my passion. Under 2KCreate, I aim to share my many creative explorations and equip a community in bringing their passions to life. I'm excited about learning and I'm convinced we can teach you anything!

Create in Community

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