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Below you'll find all the resources that I have curated since my first "career" switch in High School from a Basketball Player to a Drama Student. 

Since then I have 18+ Years of experience moving from job role to job role in a variety of fields and with it has come my rapid learning techniques. 

While career switching isn't ideal, the fact that it happens more often than we would like to admit makes it enough of a subject to talk about. Whole industries have been devoted to addressing this issue. Many of the best have sighted that in the 21st Century and forward, this generation will automatically move to this integration of work/life balance through "self-branding." Many employers are already starting to look at social media more and more. While online social media isn't the thing you need to self brand, it does point to the fact that its already happening at an increasing rate, whether some of us may want it or not.

There is hope! We are starting to move away from the industrial job model of the 20th Century and into this centuries' call back to the age old tent maker professions. Social Media is only one aspect of the modern times what has always been important since the beginning: relationships. We need other people and while social media can launch careers and new business into new territories like never before, having relationships in the real world has never been more important. This along with the many tools and services available has turn this time into a reimagining of the renaissance artisans of antiquity through the enlightenment. Finding yourself in this time through new lenses is what can make a life full of wonder or break it. 

Come with me as I help you explore this journey, help you to find and become the better parts of you and show you the world of tomorrow. 

More Coming Soon...

Stay Tuned!