A Message From Keala

We Are Here To Initiate

Kingdom Next is our commitment to initiate creative releases for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not a ministry in the sense of the 501c3's that are out there. We are not even a nonprofit and at the moment that is by design. We are just two people who want to pour into God's creation and his people in ways that being professionals and business owners allows us to be. Our faith in Jesus is what grounds our relationship not only with each other but also with our work, and it is here that we want to share that relationship with you without any strings attached.

2KCreate was the fruit of a test that we had done back in March of 2018 where we talked about what was on our hearts leading up to Easter. We shared numerous accounts from our lives and many of our initial audience, friends and family alike, shared their joy with us and how us putting ourselves out there really helped them. We wanted to really take that to new levels and do so as professionals not trying to push an agenda on top of sharing our relationship with Jesus. 

Not only did we choose to separate this but it is how we decided to share all of the content released under the Kingdom Next initiative either 100% free to you or, in the case of probably a few projects, 100% go to help generate revenue for other missional endeavors.

It is our intent to really give you a place to learn about God and raise in faith, whether you are a skeptic or having been devoted for a long time. This is a not a church but can serve as a resting place until you find one.

More Coming Soon...

Stay Tuned!